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The Dog Scout Way

- a code of responsible dog ownership -




The Dog Scout Way is the basis of the Dog Scouts organization. It is something that to understand and appreciate, you have to experience it. Condensed from its original state on the DSA national website, here it is in a nut-shell . . .

As a Dog Scout guardian, you give your dog the attention and protection he deserves. You handle all situations so that your dog doesn't have to, including telling another to give your dog personal space. That's the agreement you have with your dog. You are aware of the environment and the changing situations around your dog. You know your dog well and know what types of situations will make your dog nervous and you do everything you can to manage, control, or avoid those types of situations.

You know how to conduct yourself in public. You are a good representative of a responsible dog owner. You clean up any messes your dog leaves behind and follow the "leave no trace" principles. You obey all laws and rules regarding your dog and their environment to keep them safe. By acting responsibly and leading by a good example of having a well-behaved dog, you show the joys of the human-canine bond made possible through positive training.

You treat your dog with kindness, knowing that while he or she may not be "perfect," your dog is PERFECT at being a dog. He will always be a dog, and we, as guardians, have to respect the differences in our species. You have taken it upon yourself to learn as much as possible about those differences and how to bridge the communication gaps.

You realize that dogs work better for positive reinforcement. Punishment creates fear, and no learning can take place where there is fear. If incorrect behavior does not get rewarded, it makes the correct behavior (that does get rewarded) clearer to the dog. Punishment is not needed for the dog to understand when he has made the 'wrong' choice.

You know you can have an impact on those around you, and by being in the community eye you have an opportunity to share this knowledge, even if it is just by letting people observe the joy of having a well-mannered dog and being a responsible guardian.

That is the Dog Scout Way

Not positive reinforcement

Dog Scouts of America is a 501(c)(3) Organization